Plan your career path with the easiest career planning tool available.



For individual students/career changers

  • Compare up to 5 careers at a time
  • Salary data pulled from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • See your lifetime income, student loan balances, retirement savings, and more
  • Download and save your analysis as a PDF for sharing and planning
  • Share your analysis with your friends and family
  • Cancel anytime

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For Students

Find The Right Career Path

Compare hundreds of career paths in a few minutes to find the one that is best for you.

“I wish I knew then what I know now…”

With Smarter Graduate –You Can.

We’ve Made It Easy

Planning your future is already a daunting enough task. But with Smarter Graduate, you can reduce the complexity down to a few clicks of your mouse. We do the work for you. Just enter in your basic information and Smarter Graduate will calculate different paths for you.

1Choose Your Account Type

Are you a first-time student or a returning student?

2Make Your Future Plans

Pick whether you will need to take out student loans in college, and whether you’d like to build a retirement plan.

3What Careers Are You Interested In?

Choose from hundreds of careers, and compare up to five career paths.

4Customize Your Personal Goals

Tell us how much in loans you think you’ll need, your retirement goals, and much more.

5Review Your Results!

See your lifetime income, retirement savings, student loan payments, and much more for the careers you’re interested in!.

6Save and Share Your Analysis

Create different scenarios to give you a window into your options, and send your analysis to friends or family.

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View our other options here to find the right fit for you.